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Pearls of Power!


Why Become a Director by Casey Chitwood


Car by Christmas!

The Principle of Duplication    

Recruiting for Results

Building Your Team Pays


The Price of Leadership


Team Building - What are the Benefits


1 Year Career Track Possibilites


Why YOU Should Become a Director


Home Based Business Comparison Sheet


Vibe Promotion! flyer


Why You Should Become a Director Now


Career Talk Notebook

Six Reasons Why Women Join Mary Kay
Yvonne Lemmons Recruiting Packet
The Mary Kay Opportunity - Part 1
" " - Part 2 (This is inserted into above flyer as well)

Revamped MK Opportunity Flyer


Recruiting and Marketing Plan


Four Point Recruiting Plan


I Don't Know if I'm the Sales Type?


Cindy Machado's Ticket Marketing

Training from Lisa's Party
Phone Interview -
New Consultant Ordering Chart -
(Thanks Julie Nickolson)

What's In It For Me?

Recruiting Packet by Yvonne Lemmons

Available Career Positions

MRS. CAB - Why Become a Consultant

Top Signs You Need to do Mary Kay

MRS. CAB - Why Become a Consultant

Business Investment Comparison Sheet

Ellyn Hembd Recruiting*
---Telephone Interview Outline
---Inteview Request
*These interviews are meant to be done in
a 3-Way call with your Director or DIQ.

Pearls of Sharing - Feb 2008

Proven Script for 5 New Recruits-Thea Elvin's


What Would You Do With An Extra $37k?

This is No Fairy Tale

Why 2008 Will Be Mary Kay's Best Year Yet!

Letter to Prospect - Why 2008 Will Be Great!

Great Start Promotion August 2008

Great Start Signing Bonus - New Consultants

2nd Chance Great Start Signing Bonus

Great Start - Additional Materials
--Additional Letter
---Return to Me Postcard


Sharing Notebook
Page Order
Part 1A
Part 1B
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Sharing Notebook in Spanish!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Recruiting Notebook-Kim Cowdell


Career Car Value



Recruiting Packet 2010

Listen for a Lip Color Postcard
(Be sure to edit contact info!)
Bee Poster
With Lines
With Lines and Quote
Without Lines or Quote
With Quote - No Lines

Sharing Notebook
Opportunity Questioneer
Presentation and Team Building Bag Instructions

Madson Power Player Flyer
Madson Power Player Tracking Sheet (ends 6/30/11)



Madson Video Follow up - Consultants Only



Madson Video Follow up - Customer Handout


Powerful Words to Help You Build a Team


Overcoming Recruiting Objections


Starter Kit Flyer-January 2005


5 Questions to Close Interviews


Starter Kit Flyer-translated into Spanish


Uncover Your Recruiting Strengths


Part Time Mary Kay - Choices

Lisa's Requirements for the Powerstart Plus
---Tell Me What You Think Form
---Follow-Up Questionnaire for "Your Future is Now"

Mary Kay Interview - Thanks Sarah Halsed!


Recruiting Plans

1 Year Career Track


Summer Pilot Program

Stars in Red, White, & Blue Tracking Sheet

Consultant to Director Tracking Sheet

Grand Achiever Tracking Sheet


Team Building Ideas

Lipstick Marketing


Afraid to Recruit


Paying Dues


Candy Recruiting


Ask for Referrals

The Ten Recruiting Commandments


Script for Booking the PMS


Chocolate Marketing



Chocolate Delight Challenge


Are You Being Fair to Your New Recruits?



October 2009 Promotion
---October Promotion Flier
---October Promotion Opportunity Chart
---October Opportunity Postcard
---October Opportunity Flyer
---October Opportunity Comparison Flyer
---Ten Reasons to Start Now!

Full Circle Team Building